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Our workouts cater for all fitness levels and fitness needs, but if you main aim is to get you and your baby out of the house for some fresh air, then you will feel at home here too!

Classes are an hour long, starting with a warm up and introduction, followed by bursts of cardiovascular and strength training intervals. This includes walking or running, depending on your preference, and exercises focusing on regaining posture, muscle strength and fitness that have been affected by pregnancy and childbirth. It is never too late to join, even if your baby has now become a toddler..

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"I really look forward to my BuggyBootcamp classes.  Its a great way of getting rid of those wobbly bits and I can really see a difference in just a month of classes.  We have a lot of laughs and I've met some really nice friends.  My baby also really enjoys BuggyBootcamp and finds it highly amusing to watch us doing our various stretches and circuits!!  I would highly recommend any new mum to give it a go.  Its a really great way of getting back into exercise after having a baby.  Go BuggyBootcamp!" Sophia

"BuggyBootcamp gives me, a post natal depression sufferer, an incentive to get out regularly excersising, socialising, and doing something positive and beneficial for myself, without the worry of childcare or being separated from my baby. The fact that I can exercise but socialise at the same time is a big plus for me and the classes are so much fun you are sometimes distracted by just how hard you are working!" Hannah

"After 3 years of avoiding exercise for one reason or another, how wonderful to at last find a form of exercise that I not only enjoy immensly, but also a class to which I am able to take my two young children to. Whoever would of believed you could exercise with an 17 month old and a 3 year old in tow ! I am so pleased with the improved results in my fitness levels and the vast change in my body shape over such a short period of time. Nicola makes the class incredibly enjoyable for everyone involved and the children throughly enjoy exercising along with mummy, with such an active class there really is no time at all for them to become distracted. I am very proud to be one of the much talked about mums seen jumping around on Waterbeach Green!"

"I started Buggy Bootcamp when Luke was 3 ½ months old. I feel so much fitter and have more energy; I don't ache anymore because I'm toning up. There's no pressure to do too much or carry on if your baby is crying, needs changing, feeding or just a cuddle, everything can be adapted round these things, it happens to all of us!
I love the fact that I can fit an exercise class into my day, I don't have to try and find childcare and I don't have to think about getting ready to go out to a class once the kids are in bed and I just want to relax! My instructor is an excellent motivator and every class I've been to so far has been different, which has kept me interested. On Thursdays I take Sami my 3 year old along who doesn't use a buggy, he loves running round with us, playing with the other older children and getting to play in the park after class. I've also been on a couple of mums' nights out arranged by our instructor, it's great to sit and chat with the other Bootcamp mummies, realise we're all going through more or less the same things and offer alternative advice and ideas." Emma

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