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Jo Waters :- About me!

I have always loved exercise and find it so rewarding to get people moving. With 4 children of my own ranging in age from nearly 17 to nearly 2 I fully understand the demands of a family and normal everyday life and the frustrations of trying to find time for you.


I have been a personal trainer for over 20 years but in more recent years have focussed on postnatal exercise after finding really worrying gaps in exercise provision for mums. I joined the Buggy Bootcamp Franchise in 2013 and it’s been one of the most fulfilling moves I’ve ever made. To be able to provide this service to mums in Bedford is fantastic. It’s not just an exercise class it’s a mother and baby group with movement!


Not everyone can afford the luxury of a childminder or nursery and whilst it is lovely to have a little time away from your baby or child so that you can exercise in peace it usually doesn’t work out that way. Bringing them along does mean a few interruptions but what they gain alongside you is hugely important. To have your little one with you and for them to watch you exercise in a really social environment is invaluable as it sows those seeds for activity.


The most rewarding aspect in the class for me is of course getting you mums moving safely and efficiently again but it’s far exceeded when one of the little ones holds hand with mum and joins in with the exercise – absolutely priceless!

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