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How was the 6 week health and fitness programme for you?

"Nicola's 6 week plan is great! After nine months of eating whatever I liked, and piling on the baby weight, Nicola's plan re-taught me how to eat healthily and think about portion sizes (mine were out of control!). The plan also re-introduced regular exercise, and helped me to fit it in around a toddler and a baby. I lost just over a stone in the the six weeks of the plan, which I was very happy about, but the main difference was a huge improvement in my fitness and confidence. At the end of the six weeks I found that the healthy eating and exercise felt like it had become routine, and I've since lost another stone in weight. Thank-you Nicola!"

“I initially signed up to the Yummy Mummy Programme to lose weight and tone up 9 months after having my daughter. While the weight was stubborn to move I discovered that running was a really good way to switch off after a busy, baby-filled day and build stamina. I starting doing one mile jog/walk intervals and quickly progressed to running 3 miles, three times a week by the end of the programme. I have continued to run in the evenings and am now running around 10-15 miles a week. Nicola was really good at helping me to push beyond my comfort zone and set myself small, achievable targets... I'd love to build up to a half marathon in the near future! Although I lost 1 stone during the 6 week programme, I think that the running was the real achievement for me!” Joanna

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