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How was the running and triathlon training for you?

Back in February I decided that I needed a challenge to get me off the sofa.
Never one to ‘enjoy’ exercise and not being able to ‘run’ for a bus, I decided to sign up for the race for life 5K - as you do! In my head I had decided that I would like to try to run it, although at the back of my mind my inner me was saying 'no chance’.

I decided that I needed help and motivation, so approached Nicola who designed a tailor made running and healthy eating program to suit my needs.
Each week she set exercise and weight loss goals, along with any additional elements that I could input if I wanted to increase my achievements. Nicola was also available daily for any exercise/ food queries that cropped up along the way. Without Nicola’s motivation, support and enthusiasm I don’t think I would have been able to achieve as much as I have. Whenever I doubted myself Nicola was always there to pick me up, she became the voice in my head that told me ‘I can do this’. 

Who would believe that after 6 weeks a couch potato like me would be able to run 5K, lose a stone in weight & discover a ‘like’ for running!

I have managed to keep the weight off & have just signed up for my first 10k run!!

Thank you, Nicola

"If it had not been for Nic, I would never have been inspired to do not one but two triathlons.

In general, I had never been a sporty person but did enjoy running. Nic encouraged me to set myself a goal which was challenging to me but, as she told me was "totally achievable and will make you proud of what your body can do" - complete a triathlon.
Nic helped me set a training plan for my running, biking and swimming. During runs, she would motivate me to run that bit further or harder than I would normally. During bike rides, she helped me to focus on the goal and build on my progress. But for swimming she basically had to start from scratch with me. I was not a strong swimmer, had never had any swimming training and also did not like it!! Nic patiently taught me everything - how to breathe properly, proper stroke form and how to enjoy it. She spent hours with me in the pool teaching, motivating and improving my technique so I was a competent swimmer and so that I actually liked to swim!

In all aspects of my triathlon training Nic motivated me, helped me set and celebrate incremental and important goals and led by example - training alongside me and always making it fun. On the day of my triathlon I was nervous. But Nic stood alongside of me, ready to race too, still making it fun and giving me encouragement. When I completed my first triathlon Nic was proud of me - and I proud of myself for achieving my goal. Thanks to Nic's training, help and encouragement I had done something which I never thought I could do. And I enjoyed it so much that I then signed up for a second! I would not have got there without Nic - and her advice to always celebrate with a well-deserved hearty breakfast afterwards was also perfect!!

Recently when I badly broke my ankle, the swimming training that Nic had given me came into its own once again. On the road to recovery, my only approved form of exercise was swimming. Thanks to the solid foundation that Nic had helped me build, I could easily get back to exercise and found that, back in the pool, I could hear Nic's tips for successful and fun swimming all over again!

Nic's advice and training still motivate me today to enjoy exercise, push myself and be proud of what I can do!"


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